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Leena Springs

Enjoy the pleasures of your home life! Forget the congestion of city life!

Leena Springs has created a whole new meaning in luxury residential resorts. Do you dream of a comfortable and cozy home? One where you can enjoy the pleasures of life and forget the congestion of the city in which you can relax and breathe fresh air away from pollution? Make your dream come true at Leena Springs and see for yourself the difference.
Enjoy a temperature of 4° C less than downtown Cairo as Leena Springs is located on one of the highest plateaus in the northern district of New Cairo at about 325m above sea level. Don’t feel isolated! The project is adjacent to the American University’s new campus, Future University, and the city’s central business area. Everything you need is easily assessable!
Reflecting on Leena Real Estate’s environmentally friendly developments and architectural designs, your home is mostly filled with natural sunlight, providing an additional natural feel for your home. Not to mention, you will conserve energy!
Feel the difference and enjoy 36 acres of environmental friendly beautifully landscaped open space surrounding clusters of private yet detached and semi-detached units, where no chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used in landscape and toxic paints were completely avoided. In addition, solar energy is used for the operation of gates and landscaping lights. Even the lakes use recycled water to build more on the concept of water conservation. Enjoy walking or jogging safely in our specially designed pedestrian oriented areas, which have been planned with you in mind.
Never feel unsafe again. At Leena Springs, safety is one of our major concerns. We offer 24hour gated security using security guards whose primary job is to ensure and maintain your safety and comfort. Also, surveillance cameras monitor and control all fences round the clock.
Your comfort, your environment, your surroundings and safety were always on our priority list!

Design   Group Architects Egyptians, "Eiyagg" - Dr. Khaled Zakaria El Adly
General Consultant   Concept of Building and Planning - Dr. Zamili Hassan
Project management   Redcon Construction Co.
Website   http://leenasprings.com/