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Welcome to Leena Real Estate

Discover how we are making a Difference for Families like You!

Leena Egypt for Real Estate and Tourism Development S.A.E. was established under Egyptian Law 159 of 1981 and well established with a capital of 100 Million Egyptian Pounds. It is part of the conglomerate Leena Investment Group (LIG). Leena Investment Group is one of the leading investment companies in Egypt AND the Middle East with 25+ years of experience.

Our number one mission is to provide our customers with quality environments to call home. That’s right! We are not in the business of just constructing residential buildings, but rather a home! Leena Investment Group along with its subsidiaries, being a socially responsible group of companies, contributes to the value of eco-friendly developments. Environmentally friendly developments have allowed Leena Egypt for Real Estate and Tourism Developments to expand professionally as well as enter the larger and mega projects in the market. Moreover, we know that by providing eco-friendly homes, we are making a Global Difference.


Our Projects

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Coming Soon


Leena Springs

More than just a resort, Leena Springs is the place to call home, the luxurious residential resort located in the northern district of New Cairo on one of the highest plateaus in the area (325m Above Sea Level).